Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rolling on the River

I recently visited family in New Orleans and of course one of the best parts of spenting time with family we go to the River Walk and enjoy the boats going up and down the river. This is a very busy port, ships coming in from every country bringing and taking goods. It is so serene and hypnotic sitting on the bench just watching for hours.
The show boats playing zidego music causing your foot to start tapping and your face to turn into a smiley face. I just love to listen and watch. New Orleans gets so many different kinds of visitors.
You can never go to New Orleans without stopping at Cafe DuMonde and having Beignets and coffee. Yummy, but be ware don't wear black or dark clothes. You will look like you just got snowed on from all the powdered sugar. What a pleasure.
Keep on rolling down the river.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lizard in a window

My friend here was just enjoying a great day of sun. He works as security in a shop in one of the southern states. I must keep his location a secret because he is a highly sought after guy.
He told me on my last visit that he really enjoys sitting very still in the store window then when people stop to stare and wonder he gives them a wink. He is so funny like that, he also likes to kind of blend in with the surroundings, now that really makes folks wonder. He makes a great security guard, he can go almost totally unnoticed. So when you are traveling in the south, watch out for this guy.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Booooooooooooo What's so Scary?

How can Santa be scary? Well he wasn't he saved the day again. While all those little monsters, angels and witches came for treats they were greeted by some monsters and of course the jolly ole elf himself.
I just wondered what it would be like to dress up in that red suit on Halloween. To my amazement the word got out through out the neighborhood and people just flocked to see if the ole elf was really out trick or treating.
The elf was doing both, what fun to see the faces of these scared little characters light up when they saw me. It was a little confusing as I was told by one parent but then what is the fun of Halloween if you can't keep your visitors guessing.
Had kids comes back for seconds and thirds but not for the candy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This is overlooking prague from the Castle. The only way to see this city is on foot. There are so many churches, and so many very old buildings. The architecture is breathtaking. The people are very friendly and now many speak perfect english.

Thirsty or hungry, well you can find it all in Europe. Not a lot different than we here in the US. While on vacation in Prague we found so many great places to eat. The city is so wonderful. Half the people we met were from the USA.